I am 32, a foreign worker who left our country to find a greener pasture so I can provide for my family. After two years of working here in Taiwan I got into a relationship with a local and just after two months of going out with him I discovered that I had not had my period. I went out to purchase a pregnancy test. When I first found out I was pregnant I was happy and very protective – I thought this is my baby and no one can take it away. Two weeks after, my boyfriend revealed that he had his first child with a different girl, and I found out that he is cheating on me upon reading conversations on his phone. He is having multiple partners, he goes out with different girls. He even encourage me to do abortion. He frankly told me that he could not afford having a child, because he is paying his house and car. This situation puts me on my lowest point. The happiness I felt at first was changed by fears, doubts and confusion. I didn’t know what to do, I considered having an abortion but felt really guilty committing it. I also planned of ending my life instead. I have suicidal thoughts. I am so afraid of raising my child alone. I cannot imagine going home, I can foresee my parents being so disappointed at me. I am so depressed at that time.

I browsed the internet about abortion here in Taiwan and PSC was on the top searched. I read everything about the site, read testimonies and after that I contacted them. They immediately responded to my messages, it was so good that they are having that foreign friendly staff that could handle my concerns at that time. I just needed someone to talk to. I was having an appointment with a doctor that day. The one I am talking to at PSC offered to come with me and talk to me personally. She came just in time when I was at the hospital. She was there for me when I had my ultrasound, she was holding my hands when we witnessed my baby’s first heartbeat.

The feeling was really amazing when I saw a heart beating inside me, it was such a miracle. I can’t express exactly what I felt at that moment. I felt relieved. All I could say is God is so amazing, there is life inside of me, I am so privileged to carry a life. Who am I to take off this life God has given me? PSC being there for me is such a big blessing. We talked and we pray together. Having someone to talk to in this time of confusion is such a blessing. She helps me clear my thoughts, her prayer for me touched my heart so much and the thought of having an abortion is not my option anymore. I am firm of keeping my baby.

I finally decided to tell my parents about my pregnancy. I imagined them being angry and disappointed but their reactions are so precious, I didn’t expect they would be happy that I am having a child. I apologized at them for not choosing the right man to be the father of my child and they told me that’s not my fault. They also assure me that they can support me on my pregnancy journey and do not worry much about raising the child on my own. They said I am not alone. They will be there at my side. They even encourages me to go home as quick as I can so they can take care of me. I am so grateful for having institution like PSC, for helping confused pregnant women, for offering their guidance and counseling. Above all, I thank the Lord. I knew He never leaves my side, He allows things to happen because His plans is better than my plans.