I was already six months pregnant before my first check-up with PSC’s social worker. Because I didn’t have a place to stay, I sought out PSC’s home for mothers. I wasn’t really afraid of anything, I was just worried about the health of my baby. I was already separated from the baby’s father and did not find out I was pregnant until after the separation. My first impression of PSC was that it was a very comfortable environment with caring staff that were very concerned with my situation and health. At first, I kept going back and forth between adoption or raising my child myself. Then one day at church, I heard God say to me, “I will be by your side as you watch your child grow.” Since then, the thought of raising my baby grew stronger.

I am very happy I decided to raise my child because he is so cute, and I was reluctant to give him up. I am thankful for everyone at PSC. They looked after me and my baby’s health during that time and gave me a safe environment to have my baby.