The Refuge

Our goal at Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) is to love and support women facing unexpected pregnancies.  PSC is proud to offer a number of services to help women in their pregnancy or parenting journeys, including housing at The Refuge.

What is The Refuge?

The Refuge is a free, safe, and loving home for pregnant women in crisis run by PSC.

What is the mission of The Refuge?

The Refuge’s mission is to provide single pregnant women in crisis with stable housing, educational and life-skills opportunities, peer-counseling, and access to health services in a loving environment which supports them on their journey toward independence.

Who can stay at The Refuge?

The Refuge is for single women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Women can move into The Refuge at any point during their pregnancy, and new moms can live at The Refuge for up to one year after delivery with the babies they are raising. Pregnant women who choose adoption for their babies can live at The Refuge for up to one month after they deliver their babies as they start the process of recovery and healing. Living needs are assessed on a case by case basis.

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. The staff at Pregnancy Support Center would love to provide you with housing and loving care throughout your pregnancy. If you would like to learn more about The Refuge or receive any other services from Pregnancy Support Center, contact us today.