Find Healing Together

For many women and men, abortion can be a traumatic experience. The relief that may have initially been felt at the time of an abortion can be followed by feelings of anxiety, regret, anger, difficulty sleeping, grief, depression and withdrawal. The emotional side effects can be experienced whether you had an abortion last month or years ago. We are here to walk with you in the pain and the healing.

How does abortion recovery work?

Abortion recovery is a program that offers a safe and confidential place for people living in shame and untold pain to be set free from carrying their secrets alone. It’s a 9-week program done in a weekly small group format, both online or in-person. Abortion recovery is approached compassionately to provide those who are carrying deep emotional burdens a place of love and healing.

If you’ve had an abortion in the past and are suffering from one or more of the emotional side effects of abortion, we would love to help you find hope and healing. Contact us to learn more about this program or to sign up to attend.  We may also refer you to a licensed professional counselor as appropriate.

What materials do you use for the abortion recovery program?

For English abortion recovery, we use the book “Forgiven and Set Free” along with a supplemental participant’s guide called “HEART” that was created by a woman in the U.S. who has generously given us the rights to use it. This program allows for a safe space to reflect and process and grieve alongside others who have had an abortion, using several beautiful, meditative and journaling practices. A box of all the resources and items needed for the group will be mailed to you.  This is a Biblically-based abortion recovery program that invites post-abortive women to come and receive healing, unconditional love, and freedom.


A brave mom that completed the 9-week abortion recovery group and sent us this picture.