• I ended a relationship, so I was in a bad mood. I went out for a drink and something horrible happened to me. That’s why I got pregnant. I realized I was pregnant around five months because of the fetal movement. I considered an abortion or any possible way to end the pregnancy. No one knew I was pregnant in the beginning. When I was seven months pregnant my family found out. At that time, they took me back to their home. However, we couldn’t do anything to the baby that far along in the pregnancy.My aunt told my mother that there is an association for single moms in Taichung. My aunt suggested we go to PSC and take a look, so we went. People at PSC told me that if I didn’t want to raise my baby, I could choose adoption for my baby. A family who couldn’t have their own baby could adopt my baby. People in PSC really cared about my situation and prayed for me. They shared some previous cases with me.I saw that those babies had been adopted by nice families. In the beginning, we struggled very much. My father wanted to raise the baby. However, taking into consideration my parents’ age and my financial situation, our final decision was to choose adoption.The CEO of PSC knew that I was afraid of connecting with people or talking to anybody. She introduced some Christians to me, and then I started to go to church with them. I was surprised when I arrived there the first time; there were many people already in the church before the service started at 9 o’clock on Sunday morning, and it was really special. They would hug each other as a greeting. I felt awkward because in my previous environment, I never came in contact with people like this. But, I gradually got used to it and even started enjoying the hugs. Knowing Jesus changed my life. I had my happiness back, and I was more optimistic. I made new friends and got to know many good people in church. Thank God. I am so grateful for all the help from PSC and at church from people who love me.
  • I first realized I was pregnant when I noticed physical changes in my body. The first person I told was the baby’s father, my husband now, but we were only boyfriend/girlfriend back then. My biggest concerns were financial. I was already struggling, and I had to work part-time, while going to school part-time so I was really worried I would not be able to afford raising a child.My professors at school and online search results both pointed us in the direction of PSC. The first meeting with PSC was terrible. It was not because of PSC, but because I was a mess emotionally and could not listen to anything I was told. I only thought, “I’m doomed.” After I had my baby, I kept in touch with PSC and even received counseling from them. It was a great help and helped me to slowly recover.In the end, I had my baby. If I had to choose all over again, I would still choose to have my baby. Even though I did not want to have my baby at first, I decided to after I calmed down and thought about it. I never changed my mind after that.During my pregnancy, PSC staff would pray for me (this was most important), provide for my practical needs, give me counseling, and helped us with inner healing. Their support and care was never ending.
  • I finally took a pregnancy test because my period was really late. After I found I was pregnant, I told my sister and boyfriend. At first, I was most worried that my sickness and poor health would affect the baby. A social worker gave me a PSC flyer, so I decided to contact them. A member of PSC’s staff called me very quickly and asked about my situation. I immediately felt peaceful and calm. In the end, because of the support and prayer of the people at PSC, I decided to have my baby. If I had to decide all over again, I would still choose to have my baby.In the beginning, after a health checkup, my doctor recommended that I abort my baby. I was really weak and had no confidence that I could deliver a healthy baby. So I did think about aborting my baby. Then, Lillian from PSC supported me and encouraged me to shift my perspective from my health to my relationship with God. That strength has sustained me up to today.PSC helped me solve a lot of problems during my pregnancy. Everything from finances to my daily living to doctor appointments to supporting me emotionally. But most importantly, they prayed for me. Thank you PSC for your care, from beginning to end.The Lord sees your work and will remember it. Thank you, Father.
  • I was already six months pregnant before my first check-up with PSC’s social worker. Because I didn’t have a place to stay, I sought out PSC’s home for mothers. I wasn’t really afraid of anything, I was just worried about the health of my baby. I was already separated from the baby’s father and did not find out I was pregnant until after the separation. My first impression of PSC was that it was a very comfortable environment with caring staff that were very concerned with my situation and health. At first, I kept going back and forth between adoption or raising my child myself. Then one day at church, I heard God say to me, “I will be by your side as you watch your child grow.” Since then, the thought of raising my baby grew stronger.I am very happy I decided to raise my child because he is so cute, and I was reluctant to give him up. I am thankful for everyone at PSC. They looked after me and my baby’s health during that time and gave me a safe environment to have my baby.
  • Written by the grandfather of the baby:Hanhan’s mental capacity is lower. She is easily taken advantage of and does not know what is going on. As her father, I have to think of everything for her; and, although frustrating, I have to help my daughter.In April of 2018, I was at a church in Taichung when a lady there gave me a PSC flyer. I decided to take Hanhan to PSC. After telling the staff at PSC Hanhan’s story, they prayed for us. In May, Hanhan moved to PSC to get ready for her baby’s birth. PSC’s staff cared for Hanhan 24 hours a day. On May 25, Hanhan went into labor, and PSC took Hanhan straight to the hospital and helped her successfully deliver her baby. PSC continued to take care of Hanhan after her delivery.Today,  Hanhan and I thank God for His grace. God has helped me so much. If it weren’t for His grace, we would not have come in contact with such a wonderful organization. Hanhan and I will always remember God’s grace. Amen!
  • I went home to enjoy summer vacation and after I returned to Taiwan I found out I was pregnant during my time in quarantine.I was in utter disbelief and totally confused. I truly felt as if there was no way I should be pregnant and that caused me to be upset and angry. Mentally, I just couldn’t accept this pregnancy.After leaving quarantine, I went to the hospital for confirmation of the pregnancy and I requested an abortion but was informed that this service was not provided and was given a business card to a clinic. Later that night I broke news of my pregnancy to my parents. I was on the phone in tears and they were very excited celebrating the thought of a grandchild.I made an appointment at the recommended clinic and also searched online for an English provider. That’s when I found PSC and learned that they don’t provide medical services but they did provide counseling services and assistance for women in their time of need. I was desperately needing to speak to someone, so I contacted them.The most helpful thing I was told during the hour-long conversation was to give myself a week to feel all the emotions and think all the thoughts that come to mind before I make a permanent decision. I still went to my scheduled appointment just to see if an abortion was an option, but I was denied once again and given yet another business card to a different clinic. I called and spoke to the 3rd doctor. He would perform the abortion but I felt very uncomfortable with our brief phone conversation. I had to stop, be still and acknowledge all that had happened and all my feelings.When my mind was set on having an abortion I was denied twice. Now that time had passed and I finally found a doctor who would do the procedure I felt uncomfortable. Digging even deeper, I knew that having an abortion would emotionally destroy me but I managed to suppress that thought in the beginning with my anger. Giving myself time to think and acknowledge my feelings, I was finally willing to connect with the most important force in my life, God. Ultimately, I decided to keep my baby. After the decision, the first two months I still had some negative feelings about being pregnant but I knew it was important for me to feel them completely so I could wholeheartedly be at peace and joyful in the near future. Now, I am absolutely happy with my decision to keep my baby and I’m extremely grateful that I was continuously denied abortions from the different providers. I truly feel as if God protected me from destroying myself and this little human growing in me that I love so much. My family and I can’t wait to meet her.
  • As a young adult, living abroad going to college, finding out that I was pregnant was very overwhelming. I didn’t know what to do, what to think, who to tell.I felt so hopeless and all I felt was fear. My fear drove me into doing what I thought seemed like the easiest and right thing to do in the moment, abortion. Somehow though, a little bit of hope and heart inside me told me to at least weigh and look at all my options. I then began to search on the internet for answers, a sign, or literally anything that could help me. That’s when I came across the Pregnancy Support Center (PSC). I don’t know what I was looking for, but what instantly caught my eye were the words, “confidential place for women who are unexpectedly pregnant”. I started surfing the website, reading almost every section and the testimonies. One by one, each testimony gave me an ounce of hope. I saw the contacts of people we could talk to and I saved them and I thought, “it won’t hurt to talk to someone, especially a stranger.” PSC helped me explore and weigh my options, from telling my family to completing my education. Just when I thought I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to, no choice but to abort, they helped me see beyond my fear and doubts. They called my school for me anonymously and discovered that there was a support system in place at the school for students who were pregnant. Currently in my third year of college, and 8 months along, I’m so blessed that I didn’t do what I instantly thought was right in a moment of fear. I’m so happy that I’ll soon be able to deliver a baby girl and I’m still able to complete my education. Unexpected pregnancy sure is a scary thing, but you’re never alone, even if you’re like I was, a foreign student abroad. There is always hope and a way, and I’m forever thankful to have found PSC. Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly.
  • I am 32, a foreign worker who left our country to find a greener pasture so I can provide for my family. After two years of working here in Taiwan I got into a relationship with a local and just after two months of going out with him I discovered that I had not had my period. I went out to purchase a pregnancy test. When I first found out I was pregnant I was happy and very protective – I thought this is my baby and no one can take it away. Two weeks after, my boyfriend revealed that he had his first child with a different girl, and I found out that he is cheating on me upon reading conversations on his phone. He is having multiple partners, he goes out with different girls. He even encourage me to do abortion. He frankly told me that he could not afford having a child, because he is paying his house and car. This situation puts me on my lowest point. The happiness I felt at first was changed by fears, doubts and confusion. I didn’t know what to do, I considered having an abortion but felt really guilty committing it. I also planned of ending my life instead. I have suicidal thoughts. I am so afraid of raising my child alone. I cannot imagine going home, I can foresee my parents being so disappointed at me. I am so depressed at that time.I browsed the internet about abortion here in Taiwan and PSC was on the top searched. I read everything about the site, read testimonies and after that I contacted them. They immediately responded to my messages, it was so good that they are having that foreign friendly staff that could handle my concerns at that time. I just needed someone to talk to. I was having an appointment with a doctor that day. The one I am talking to at PSC offered to come with me and talk to me personally. She came just in time when I was at the hospital. She was there for me when I had my ultrasound, she was holding my hands when we witnessed my baby’s first heartbeat.The feeling was really amazing when I saw a heart beating inside me, it was such a miracle. I can’t express exactly what I felt at that moment. I felt relieved. All I could say is God is so amazing, there is life inside of me, I am so privileged to carry a life. Who am I to take off this life God has given me? PSC being there for me is such a big blessing. We talked and we pray together. Having someone to talk to in this time of confusion is such a blessing. She helps me clear my thoughts, her prayer for me touched my heart so much and the thought of having an abortion is not my option anymore. I am firm of keeping my baby.I finally decided to tell my parents about my pregnancy. I imagined them being angry and disappointed but their reactions are so precious, I didn’t expect they would be happy that I am having a child. I apologized at them for not choosing the right man to be the father of my child and they told me that’s not my fault. They also assure me that they can support me on my pregnancy journey and do not worry much about raising the child on my own. They said I am not alone. They will be there at my side. They even encourages me to go home as quick as I can so they can take care of me. I am so grateful for having institution like PSC, for helping confused pregnant women, for offering their guidance and counseling. Above all, I thank the Lord. I knew He never leaves my side, He allows things to happen because His plans is better than my plans.
  • I’m glad to share my story. I am a 24 year-old who migrated to Taiwan to chase my dreams. When I arrived in Taiwan I needed to take the 21 days of quarantine, and during the whole quarantine I was anxious because I still didn’t have my period. My boyfriend was in the Philippines. I discussed to him what if I am pregnant. Then, he urgently told me to do the abortion–he believed it was the easiest way to continue working as a factory worker.I take the pregnancy test, to make sure I bought two.  After I found out that it was confirmed, tears fall down-overthinking and really got depressed. During the week when I found out I was pregnant. I had scrambled to find someone else on the internet who had been through this pain, but I could barely find anything that covered the whole journey. I considered having an abortion but my conscience was stopping me. I am so afraid of raising my child alone and no support from my family or my boyfriend.  I cannot imagine going home.  I can foresee my parents being so disappointed at me since I just started working as overseas worker.  I am so depressed at that time. I browsed the internet about abortion here in Taiwan and PSC was on the top search.  I read everything on the site.  After that I contacted them through Line. They immediately responded to my messages. It was so good that they are having a foreign-friendly staff that could handle my concerns. I frankly asked them if they offer abortion and they told me that  they didn’t have. But they refer to me Gloria Hsu, this person will really help me for my concerns and for English language since I don’t know how to speak Mandarin.  The one I am talking to PSC, Gloria, decided to come with me and talk to me personally. She picked me up in our dormitory. I felt grateful that I have someone. She was there for me when I had my ultrasound, we witnessed my baby’s first heartbeat. The feeling was really amazing. Hearing another heart beat inside my body is such a miracle. It really make me cry. And I can’t explain my feeling. So happy and worried at the same. Despite of pushing to do the abortion, everything change after I heard the heartbeat of my baby. It cleared all my negative thought. That moment all I think is no matter what I will continue this baby and will fight this battle. Then, I already told my parents that I was pregnant. I will go back home and will resign. I apologized to them for what happened.The day when my OB told me I needed to be emergency C-section, I felt afraid. December 24 is the  date-6 am I was in the operating room where everything was prepared. Exactly 6:49 she’s out. And finally I heard her cry–that made me cry too. The doctor put my baby on my face. I kissed her a lot – oh my precious baby girl. That night when the nurses brought her to my room. I was excited to carry her and make her to feed. Every moment was amazing. I can’t imagined that I did it. The pregnancy hurts.Childbirth, it hurts. Breastfeeding hurts. Seeing your child crying, hurts. Not sleeping well, it hurts. Having a very difficult day and without rest, hurts. Not having time for you, it hurts.Motherhood is not as tender as it seems to be, motherhood is beautiful, yes, but it is very difficult. What is beautiful is the love that a mother feels for her daughter, that love is capable of supporting everything !! ️ NOBODY IS BORN BEING A MOTHER, ONE BECOMES A MOTHER. I take a shower, I look in the mirror and see I’m not the same. I looked exhausted, I feel tired, my chest hurts, and I have a new scar. Being a mom is not easy at all. A baby needs diapers changed, fed, put to sleep, but most of all it needs all the love in the world. Sometimes you feel like giving up, but when you get out of the shower and you see how small, how defenseless, and how Perfect she is, something in your head changes and says; don’t worry you’re doing an excellent job. Everything will pass. BREATHE. Before I got pregnant I didn’t think much about having kids. I knew I always wanted kids but I wasn’t one of those people who dreamed only of having children. But when it comes to this life inside of me, I didn’t have to wager a guess. I knew that in a couple of months, I will begin to feel the baby move. I experienced my body shifting and changing as it makes room for this coming gift. And in what seems now to be the distant past, at some point I felt my body prepare to welcome this child into the world. There’s really a new life inside of me. And this changes everything. I needed someone to have confidence for me, because I was drowning in fear. I was always flooded with emotion, every morning and evening I kept praying for the guidance and what action should I take. But God is really amazing. He provide everything.  My fear to be alone was washed away- I believed He sent me his Holy Spirit to guide me and strengthen me,  His presence in the eucharist (communion), and I’ve experienced the reality of God as Creator through the beauty of His creation. Gloria and the PSC team-They assure me that they can support me on my pregnancy journey and do not worry much about raising the child on my own. They said I am not alone. They will be there at my side. After I go back to Philippines my boyfriend and I got separated. He didn’t showed even to faced my family. But I’m hoping someday he can be a father to my child even life was so hard. As of now I’m not forcing him what to do. I am so grateful for having PSC, especially for Gloria, for helping confused pregnant women, for offering their guidance and counseling, and who never left me from the start.  Above all, I thank the Lord. He allows things to happen because His plans are better than my plans. I would like to say thank you to PSC and everyone for all the prayers and support for us. I am so grateful to have you all. It’s an honor to be one supported. I’m so glad to be in motherhood and I am continuing to explore and learn.
  • Written by the father of the baby: We are married people, foreign workers here in Taiwan and left our country for the needs of our family in everyday. We are working almost 5 years here and decide a plan to left Taiwan and look for a good opportunity in another place in Europe. We found an agency and decided to give them a down payment. And a few months later my wife missed her period and we decided to do a pregnancy test and our hunch was true–she’s pregnant. We are at the point of being confused because she is pregnant and we have an application abroad. We are so confused as to what to do because we are nearing the end of our work in Taiwan and transferring to Europe. It is not allowed in the new company to be pregnant for a long time and we are at the point of aborting our child so that our life plans can continue. I, as the father of the house, thought of a way to do it and asked for advice with the help of our Father in heaven (Jesus Christ) and He did not disappoint me. He gave me wisdom on how to do it. So that I research some organization via internet who help us what to do, and asking for advice to solve our situation. We found the (PSC) Pregnancy Support Center last March 2022. And I decided to contact the person given to me by the organization and ask for the advice for what to do for our decision in our life. She’s not hesitate to contacted us and meet us soon. When we met up she’s prayed and give advice to us on how to do and how they will support us. And after that we fought for our baby and continue every challenge of life. The word that sticks on my own mind is: “Abortion is murder.” There’s no problem that our Lord cannot solve. Now we are leaving Taiwan and brought our son back to our hometown in Philippines for family to care for him. We are very grateful in the only one Lord and to the society who help us (PSC) and to the people tirelessly helping others, especially the pregnant women.
  • I had just arrived in Taiwan to work when I learned about my pregnancy. My last period was in January and it was March when I noticed that I haven’t got my period yet so I decided to take the pregnancy test and it turned out positive. I’m so confused and disappointed at that time. How will it be possible? I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband back in my country when I left. So how? So after two days I bought again the pregnancy test kit thinking maybe I just got a false positive result on my first try and I’m hoping that’s the case. But no. It still comes out positive. I don’t know what to do at that time. I’m so scared I just came in Taiwan to work and I might lose my job because of it. And then I realized something that happened back in my country before I came to Taiwan. I’m with a guy friend and we had a drink. I got drunk that time after we finished a bottle of alcoholic drink.  I got really dizzy with just one bottle and that’s new to me.  I know my alcohol tolerance and I have quite a high tolerance with alcohol. I never get drunk easily. This guy friend brought me somewhere to sober up and when we got there he started kissing m. Then afterwards he’s asking me to check-in to a nearest hotel but I clearly say “No” to him. After that I don’t know what happened. I just woke up the next morning and  I was already on my own bed and I can’t get up.  I just took a shower then came back again to my bed to sleep. Then I told him what I’ve learn about that I was pregnant and I asked him If something happened to us and he denied it. But I know for myself that he did something terrible to me that night. I was devastated, confused, and disappointed at that time and I just really couldn’t believe about my pregnancy because there is no way that I am pregnant. And because I’m so angry and confused at that time, I even planned to get an abortion. So I searched online about it and on top of my list is PSC, so I contacted them. Gloria was the one who talked to me in Line and I told her about my problem. She was too kind to give a helping hand and she listens to me attentively but I also learned that they don’t do the procedure. She was giving me an assurance that in the midst of my situation I am not alone, that they are there for me and also God, and she also giving me many options but of course I didn’t listen to her and determined to get rid of my baby. But one day I realized that what I was trying to do is not right so I decided to go on with my pregnancy. I contacted again Gloria and she was so relieved and happy with my decision and she told me to contact the Domestic Caretaker Union (DCU)  because they can help me with my situation and I’m glad that I listened to her. The DCU and Taiwan International Worker’s Association (TIWA) helped me to get a re-entry visa because I decided to go home.  I want to give birth in my country. I met with Gloria again before I went home and she gave me a suitcase full of everything that I’ll be needing for my upcoming baby. I’m so thankful to all the people who helped me on my pregnancy journey. And also to my employer that time they’re so kind enough to pay for my plane ticket and some cash allowance. The harder part of this journey was how would I I tell it to my family. I don’t want them to get disappointed on me that time. But I gathered all my strength and told them about it and I’m so glad I did because I got the support from them wholeheartedly. They told me that my baby is a blessing, that it’s not my fault that I trusted a wrong person. Now, I am absolutely contented and happy with my decision and that is to keep my baby. He’s  3months old now and very much healthy and too adorable. He’s my strength together with his older brother. But now I am back again abroad to work, even though I don’t want to left my baby at a young age, I have no choice; I have to work so that I can give them a better life that they deserve.