Adoption Information

We want to help you process your emotions as you consider all of the options you have for your unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy Support Center can provide you with all the information you need to consider adoption. We’re here to love, support and encourage you as you take the necessary steps toward an informed decision.

Could adoption be right for me?

If parenting is not an option for you, adoption may be a wonderful alternative. Don’t be afraid to explore this possibility. While it can be a very difficult decision to make, adoption can allow something so uniquely beautiful to come from a difficult situation. It’s not a decision or a journey you’ll have to walk through alone. The compassionate staff at Pregnancy Support Center can provide you with tools like pregnancy housing and placing your baby in a home if you choose adoption for your baby.

We are here to help answer any questions you may have about adoption, like:

  • What does adoption mean?
  • Is adoption really something that I could consider?
  • Is adoption a loving choice for my baby?
  • Will I be able to receive updates about my baby?

How can PSC help me if I choose adoption?

Please see our Resources Page for some potential adoption agencies here in Taiwan.  All babies placed for adoption through Pregnancy Support Center will be placed in a vetted baby home by a licensed social worker where they will be lovingly cared for while they wait for their adoptive families.

To learn more about adoption and how it works, or to talk about any of your other options, contact Pregnancy Support Center to talk with one of our peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors.