Is your partner pregnant?

If your partner recently discovered that she’s pregnant and it wasn’t part of your plan, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe even angry. It’s okay to feel the range of emotions that you are experiencing, and it is crucial that you let your partner feel hers as well.  You may be having a lot of shared emotions. Here is some information for men who have recently discovered that their partners are unexpectedly pregnant.

What should I do now?

Men have a valuable role to play when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy. That’s because they’re often a source of trust and comfort for their partners. After her pregnancy has been confirmed at an OB/GYN’s clinic, your next step should be to come with her to a no-cost and completely confidential counseling session at Pregnancy Support Center. We will be able to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and talk to the two of you about your options.

How can I help her?

The best way to help your partner is to be there for her and listen to her. She’s likely feeling all of the same things you are, and it will be valuable for her to know how much you care. It’s also very important that you express your opinion about what the two of you should do openly and honestly. Things will be difficult, especially as you begin to tell family and friends, but it will help you through the more difficult moments when you’re going through them together.

At Pregnancy Support Center, we recognize the value of a man’s role within an unexpected pregnancy. For more information on how to make this decision together, or to schedule an appointment for counseling at our center, contact us today.