Anonymous Mother Testimonial

I finally took a pregnancy test because my period was really late. After I found I was pregnant, I told my sister and boyfriend. At first, I was most worried that my sickness and poor health would affect the baby. A social worker gave me a PSC flyer, so I decided to contact them. A member of PSC’s staff called me very quickly and asked about my situation. I immediately felt peaceful and calm. In the end, because of the support and prayer of the people at PSC, I decided to have my baby. If I had to decide all over again, I would still choose to have my baby.

In the beginning, after a health checkup, my doctor recommended that I abort my baby. I was really weak and had no confidence that I could deliver a healthy baby. So I did think about aborting my baby. Then, Lillian from PSC supported me and encouraged me to shift my perspective from my health to my relationship with God. That strength has sustained me up to today.

PSC helped me solve a lot of problems during my pregnancy. Everything from finances to my daily living to doctor appointments to supporting me emotionally. But most importantly, they prayed for me. Thank you PSC for your care, from beginning to end.

The Lord sees your work and will remember it. Thank you, Father.