Before I got pregnant I didn’t think much about having kids. I knew I always wanted kids but I wasn’t one of those people who dreamed only of having children. But when it comes to this life inside of me, I didn’t have to wager a guess. I knew that in a couple of months, I will begin to feel the baby move. I experienced my body shifting and changing as it makes room for this coming gift. And in what seems now to be the distant past, at some point I felt my body prepare to welcome this child into the world. There’s really a new life inside of me. And this changes everything. I needed someone to have confidence for me, because I was drowning in fear. I was always flooded with emotion, every morning and evening I kept praying for the guidance and what action should I take. But God is really amazing. He provide everything. My fear to be alone was washed away- I believed He sent me his Holy Spirit to guide me and strengthen me, His presence in the eucharist (communion), and I’ve experienced the reality of God as Creator through the beauty of His creation. Gloria and the PSC team-They assure me that they can support me on my pregnancy journey and do not worry much about raising the child on my own. They said I am not alone. They will be there at my side. After I go back to Philippines my boyfriend and I got separated. He didn’t showed even to faced my family. But I’m hoping someday he can be a father to my child even life was so hard. As of now I’m not forcing him what to do.