I ended a relationship, so I was in a bad mood. I went out for a drink and something horrible happened to me. That’s why I got pregnant. I realized I was pregnant around five months because of the fetal movement. I considered an abortion or any possible way to end the pregnancy. No one knew I was pregnant in the beginning. When I was seven months pregnant my family found out. At that time, they took me back to their home. However, we couldn’t do anything to the baby that far along in the pregnancy.

My aunt told my mother that there is an association for single moms in Taichung. My aunt suggested we go to PSC and take a look, so we went. People at PSC told me that if I didn’t want to raise my baby, I could choose adoption for my baby. A family who couldn’t have their own baby could adopt my baby. People in PSC really cared about my situation and prayed for me. They shared some previous cases with me.

I saw that those babies had been adopted by nice families. In the beginning, we struggled very much. My father wanted to raise the baby. However, taking into consideration my parents’ age and my financial situation, our final decision was to choose adoption.

The CEO of PSC knew that I was afraid of connecting with people or talking to anybody. She introduced some Christians to me, and then I started to go to church with them. I was surprised when I arrived there the first time; there were many people already in the church before the service started at 9 o’clock on Sunday morning, and it was really special. They would hug each other as a greeting. I felt awkward because in my previous environment, I never came in contact with people like this. But, I gradually got used to it and even started enjoying the hugs. Knowing Jesus changed my life. I had my happiness back, and I was more optimistic. I made new friends and got to know many good people in church. Thank God. I am so grateful for all the help from PSC and at church from people who love me.