Hanhan’s mental capacity is lower. She is easily taken advantage of and does not know what is going on. As her father, I have to think of everything for her; and, although frustrating, I have to help my daughter.

In April of 2018, I was at a church in Taichung when a lady there gave me a PSC flyer. I decided to take Hanhan to PSC. After telling the staff at PSC Hanhan’s story, they prayed for us. In May, Hanhan moved to PSC to get ready for her baby’s birth. PSC’s staff cared for Hanhan 24 hours a day. On May 25, Hanhan went into labor, and PSC took Hanhan straight to the hospital and helped her successfully deliver her baby. PSC continued to take care of Hanhan after her delivery.

Today, Hanhan and I thank God for His grace. God has helped me so much. If it weren’t for His grace, we would not have come in contact with such a wonderful organization. Hanhan and I will always remember God’s grace. Amen!