My Baby

We collaborate with other organizations in Taiwan that lovingly care for babies until they go home to their adoptive forever families. Our long-term vision is to have a baby home, Mercy House, here in Taichung.

“In You the orphan finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3b

Taiwan Xi En  is a licensed baby home in Kaoshiung that protects and lovingly cares for orphans while they are waiting for their forever families.
The Home of God’s love is a non-profit Christian organization established in 1975 and is a home for children who, for many different reasons, cannot live with their families. Some of these children, usually from unwed mothers, are available for adoption. In some cases, the children in their care are not available for adoption, but are sponsored by families, individuals, or groups in the United States. The Home of God’s Love is licensed to do domestic adoptions.
Christian Salvation Service is a registered non profit social service organization in Taiwan and a registered not-for-profit 501 c3 organization in the United States. CSS was established in 1983 and exists to save and enrich lives. They are licensed to do domestic and international adoptions with 5 countries that they partner with (U.S. not included).