Learn About Our Center

Gloria Hsu and Lana Rempel are the co-founders of Pregnancy Support Center (PSC). Childhood classmates who both returned to Taiwan, they found themselves with a shared vision to help meet the needs of pregnant women in crisis, as well as to care for their unborn children, and orphans.

Taiwan’s abortion rates are staggering and so often these abortions are due to the stigma that is often still attached to single motherhood, a lack of support, and pressure from family and/or friends. High abortion rates also means a need for post-abortion support and healing. After visiting two other crisis pregnancy centers on the island, they were inspired and moved and made the commitment to start a crisis pregnancy center in their city and home of Taichung. They found that when a pregnant woman in crisis is loved and supported, this often propels her to have the courage it takes to choose life for her child, whether that means choosing to parent their baby or to relinquish their baby for adoption. Healing can happen where unconditional love exists.

PSC exists so that girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy know that they are not alone, empowering them to make an informed, thoughtful choice in a loving and confidential environment while helping them to explore the alternative options of adoption and parenting.

PSC started operating in September of 2012, with the support of the community in Taiwan and abroad. PSC remains accountable through a mission board in the US and a local board here in Taichung. Please visit our Services page for a more comprehensive list of all that PSC offers.